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Run multiple batch (.bat) files from a single batch file and hold the screen when error occurs

I was searching for a while, how to call multiple batch file in a single batch file and hold the screen (command prompt window) and show error if any command of any batch file breaks.

Frankly speaking running multiple batch file in a single one was a very easy task but to hold the window when error occurs if any statement breaks was little bit hard to search on the net, finally i found the solution so i am writing this article, so that you guys don't spend lots of time to search for these silly things :-).

Suppose we have the main batch file named "FullDeploy.bat" and need to call 2 batch files -
1) RestoreNuget_BuildSolution.bat
2) PublishProject.bat

To hold the screen if error occurs in any batch file you just need to add below line of command after every command

Calling these batch files into one (FullDeploy.bat)

Running multiple batch file (.bat) into one batch file

SET MSBuildPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\bin\amd64\
SET RootPath=C:\MyProjects\
SET BuildPath=%RootPath%\BatchFileDemo
SET BatchFiles=%RootPath%\BatchFiles

CD %BuildPath%

call "%BatchFiles%\RestoreNuget_BuildSolution.bat"
call "%BatchFiles%\Publish.bat"

Rem to hold screen after success

.nuget\nuget restore "%BuildPath%\BatchFileDemo.sln"

"%MSBuildPath%\MSBuild.exe" "%BuildPath%\BatchFileDemo.sln" /t:Clean;Build /p:Configuration=Release /p:TargetFramework=v4.0  /p:SkipPostSharp=True /p:RunCodeAnalysis=False /p:VisualStudioVersion=11.0


"%MSBuildPath%\MSBuild.exe" "%BuildPath%\BatchFileDemo.csproj" /t:Clean;Build /p:DeployOnBuild=true /p:Configuration=Release /p:TargetFramework=v4.0 /p:VisualStudioVersion=11.0 /p:PublishProfile=OnRoot_Output /p:RestorePackages=false /p:SkipPostSharp=true


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