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Find max top 5 number from three given sorted array

If you have three integer type of sorted array and want to get highest top 5 number from given these three arrays then this article is for you, here is the most efficient way of getting top 5 number from three sorted array.

Ex : If you have these three array given below -

Array1  { 09,  87, 89, 888 }
Array2  { 1, 13, 33, 49, 921 };
Array3  { 22, 33, 44, 66, 88, 110 }

Output : Output must be -

Top5Numbers {888, 921, 110, 89, 88}

below is the two way for doing this task first one is using only basic types and is the most efficient way, no extra loop no extra comparison no extra memory consumption, just pass the index of elements that need to be match with another one and calculate which is the next index to be match for each given array.

second one is just for understanding of linq, extension method and how to do such task through linq, extension method.

Top 5 values from three given arrays - basic type loop, comparison

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
 int[] Array1 = { 09, 65, 87, 89, 888 };
 int[] Array2 = { 1, 13, 33, 49, 921 };
 int[] Array3 = { 22, 44, 66, 88, 110 };

 int[] Top5Numbers = new int[5];

 int A1_IndexToMatch=Array1.Length-1;
 int A2_IndexToMatch=Array2.Length-1;
 int A3_IndexToMatch=Array3.Length-1;

 for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
     Top5Numbers[i] = findBigger(Array1, Array2, Array3,ref A1_IndexToMatch,ref A2_IndexToMatch,ref A3_IndexToMatch);

int findBigger(int[] Ar1, int[] Ar2, int[] Ar3, ref int A1_IndexToMatch, ref int A2_IndexToMatch, ref int A3_IndexToMatch)
 int bigger = 0;
 if (Ar1[A1_IndexToMatch] > Ar2[A2_IndexToMatch] && Ar1[A1_IndexToMatch] > Ar3[A3_IndexToMatch])
     bigger = Ar1[A1_IndexToMatch];
 else if (Ar2[A2_IndexToMatch] > Ar3[A3_IndexToMatch] && Ar2[A2_IndexToMatch] > Ar1[A1_IndexToMatch])
     bigger = Ar2[A2_IndexToMatch];
     bigger = Ar3[A3_IndexToMatch];
 return bigger;


Get highest top 5 value from three given sorted array - Linq, Extension Method

int[] Array1 = { 09, 65, 87, 89, 888 };
int[] Array2 = { 1, 13, 33, 49, 921 };
int[] Array3 = { 22, 44, 66, 88, 110 };

int [] MergeArr = Array1.Concat(Array2).Concat(Array3).ToArray();
int [] Top5Number = MergeArr.Reverse().Take(5).ToArray() 

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