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What is 301 permanent and 302 temporary http status code redirection and how to implement it in c#

This article explains what is the http status code 301 and 302, 301 status code vs 302 status code, how to use it and how to implement it in your c# website.

How to get server, iis information like server ip, port , os, iis version, machine name etc in c#

This article is for retrieving all major information of hosting server and iis server like server ip address , operating system version , iis version , server computer name (machine name) , current user , domain name , current executing file path , port number in which application is running etc.

binding dropdownlist in .net mvc razor by viewbag, model and jquery - 3 ways

There is a lot of ways to bind dropdownlist in mvc (mvc3, mvc4 or later razor syntax .cshtml) and maintaining dropdownlist state during postback some of them given below - Use viewbag property. Through view model. Use jquery .ajax i.e. asynchronous post back at selected index change of another dropdownlist.

how $document.ready() is different from window.onload()

we often use window.onload() in javascript and $document.ready() in jquery and assume that both are same just jquery library wrap up javascript window.onload() and introduce $document.ready() but no there is much difference between them below is the explanation -

program to find first non repeating character in a string c# - 3 ways

In c# you want to create logic that if a string like "abcabd" is passed to a method then it should return first non repetitive character from string like in above it should return "c". Below is three way to get the first non-repeating(distinct) character from the string -

program to removing duplicate entries, records from Array in C#.NET

Below are the four method for removing duplicate entries from an array, all does same task with the different - 2 ways using list contain (internally using linq) method, collection distinct extension method (internally using linq need .net 3.5 framework or greater) and traditional for loop also work in lower version of .net framework.

parsererror after jquery.ajax request with jsonp content type

When we make a cross domain call through jquery $.ajax method through  jsonp request then often this error occurs 'jQuery1510993527567155793_137593181353 was not called parsererror' function name can vary as it is randomly generated by jquery.

httperrors vs customerrors in webconfig , iis,

Errors section in web config is for providing custom http error handling approach there are two section, one customErrors inside the section system.web and another httpErrors inside the section system.webServer (as given below) There is much confusion between custom error and http error sections that IIS pick up setting from which section customErrors section or from httpErrors section, below are the explanation.

program for factorial using recursion, while and for loop in c#

In this article you can see how to calculate factorial of a number using recursive function , while loop and from for loop below are the three function just pass number that you want to calculate factorial and it will return the output (i.e factorial of the number).