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Typing Text Effect In Javascript

Most of the time we need to create a effect just like typing text in web page but don't know how to do such task through javascript.   This article is for creating typing effect for given text through javascript, below is auto started, manual through started through button click demo is given below.

Moving Viewstate Bottom Of Page in

Most of the time we need to make our website search engine friendly for the better monetizing our site and for moving our site to top of the search result on search engine, for that we need to follow some of the rules provided by search engine and one of them is to move your page viewstate from head to bottom of the page for getting better search engine spidering.

Compressing viewstate in

Viewstate as we know basically is a serialized data which stores in pages in the form of hidden fields. As we know that viewstate stores in the page so it makes page size larger (increase page data size), so if your viewstate is not much there is no problem but if viewstate is enough larger then it would be the cause of slower page load and decrease