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Autocomplete Without JQuery UI And Ajax ToolKit

As we know there is lots of auto complete provider apis, one of them is jquery auto complete plug-in and another is ajax auto complete control, we can implement auto complete functionally through these apis or ajax controls but there is some demerits of them below.

Demerits of jquery plug-in is very heavy plug-in make your page slower and increase of data size of page need to include auto complete css that also take some data size.

Demerits of ajax auto complete controls, Need script manager which render 4 or 5 .axd (JavaScript file) file taking more that 200 kb data size which is the cause of slower page speed and high page size.

FileUpload in Gridview inside UpdatePanel

Some time we need to do such a task like to refreshing data from server side at binding a dropdown at another dropdown selected index change, then we go for the updatepanel to not posting the whole page to server side and get response faster, but what happen when there is a requirement of fileupload