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Register HttpModules and HttpHandlers in IIS 7

Many time when we built a website for IIS 6 and need to move in IIS 7 or later facing this problem(http handler or http module not working in IIS 7 or IIS 7.5), so there is an additional setting for IIS 7 or later that we need to do.

How to validate mobile number, email in jquery

This tutorial will show you how to validate an email address and mobile number using jquery. This method has a few advantages over validating an email address using jquery, as the validation process takes place within the browser, meaning no server request or reload is necessary.

Security in ajax webservice

Many time we need to make a service in our domain and call them through javascript (exposing them to client),so here we are exposing our service to world wide web and we need to ensure that our service is secure, I search a lot but didn’t find any appropriate solution so I wrote this post ..

Social share buttons in

How to add a share buttons in our website to enable user to share their content in social website like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.
All social network website provide their code, apis( in their developers  area)  to share, but  just because of lack of knowledge ( and how to use this code ) we faces a lot of problem and spend  a lot of time so here is the simple way to implement  such share button to your own website.

How to call webservice from jquery, javascript

This article shows, how you can call your webservice (.asmx) or inline aspx web method from jquery that will prevent to invoke whole life cycle of an aspx page and work faster than update panel.

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