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Autocomplete Without JQuery UI And Ajax ToolKit

As we know there is lots of auto complete provider apis, one of them is jquery auto complete plug-in and another is ajax auto complete control, we can implement auto complete functionally through these apis or ajax controls but there is some demerits of them below. Demerits of jquery plug-in is very heavy plug-in make your page slower and increase of data size of page need to include auto complete css that also take some data size. Demerits of ajax auto complete controls, Need script manager which render 4 or 5 .axd (JavaScript file) file taking more that 200 kb data size which is the cause of slower page speed and high page size.

FileUpload in Gridview inside UpdatePanel

Some time we need to do such a task like to refreshing data from server side at binding a dropdown at another dropdown selected index change, then we go for the updatepanel to not posting the whole page to server side and get response faster, but what happen when there is a requirement of fileupload

Paging in datalist databind control in

Always we need to implement DataList instead of GridView for custom design (unformated view) and there is a need of paging in DataList then what should do for paging there is lots of article in search engine for implementing paging in dataset but they are typically complicated to implement here is the simplest code for implemeting paging in DataList with PagedDataSource.

Creating Rest Services in with httphandler

Rest Services with Custom handler - In .Net Microsoft provide the rest architecture building api in WCF application that manage request and response over webHttpBinding protocol. As I discuss in my previous post ( Rest service tutorial with WCF service ) that we can also make our own rest architecture manually through http handler to creating the rest service that would be more efficient and simple to understand what going on inside the rest.

All About Caching In Asp.Net, IIS

Two key factors in improving the speed of your Web applications are: Reducing the number of request/response roundtrips. Reducing the number of bytes transferred between the server and the client. HTTP caching is of the best ways to reduce roundtrips and bytes transferred. Caching provides a mechanism for a client or proxy to store HTTP responses for later use, so that requests need not cross the network.

How To Create WCF Rest Services In Asp.Net

Representational State Transfer (REST): Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style that specifies constraints, such as the uniform interface, that enable services to work best on the Web.

$.ajax, $.get, $.post, $.getScript, $.getJson differences in jquery

$.ajax() Performs an asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request basically this is a method of jquery which internally uses xmlhttprequest object of JavaScript as asynchronous communicator which supports cross browser also. There is lots of confusion in some of the function of jquery like $.ajax, $.get, $.post, $.getScript, $.getJSON that what is the difference among them which is the best, which is the fast, which to use and when so below is the description of them to make them clear and to get rid of this type of confusions.

httphandler and httpmodule in

An HTTP module is an assembly that is called on every request that is made to your application (for pre-processing logic implementation ).

Register HttpModules and HttpHandlers in IIS 7

Many time when we built a website for IIS 6 and need to move in IIS 7 or later facing  this problem ( http handler  or  http module  not working in IIS 7 or IIS 7.5), so there is an additional setting for IIS 7 or later that we need to do.

How to validate mobile number, email in jquery

This tutorial will show you how to validate an email address and mobile number using jquery. This method has a few advantages over validating an email address using jquery, as the validation process takes place within the browser, meaning no server request or reload is necessary.  

Security in ajax webservice

Many time we need to make a service in our domain and call them through javascript (exposing them to client),so here we are exposing our service to world wide web and we need to ensure that our service is secure, I search a lot but didn’t find any appropriate solution so I wrote this post ..

Social share buttons in

How to add a share buttons in our website to enable user to share their content in social website like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. All social network website provide their code, apis( in their developers  area)  to share, but  just because of lack of knowledge ( and how to use this code ) we face s a lot of problem and spend  a lot of time so here is the simple way to implement  such share button to your own website .

How to call webservice from jquery, javascript

This article shows, how you can call your webservice (.asmx) or inline aspx web method from jquery that will prevent to  invoke  whole life cycle of an aspx page and work faster than update  panel   . You can also check  Creating Rest Services in with httphandler ,  How To Create WCF Rest Services In Asp.Net ,  Security in ajax webservice

Making slider of html content with pagination in jquery

There is a lot of script provider for moving your content just like flash slide show in different different style through JavaScript / CSS just use there JavaScript apis and place your html content among there given html code and use some style sheet to styling your content the reference of the site is given bellow of the code.

Javascript - Read XML file from file server through XMLHttpRequest

Here is the code for getting xml from server side and navigation,reading that xml through javascript. Below is an server side xml(xml must be in same folder or give the exact path of xml in method) and javascript code that read xml through xmlhttp object after request processed and response is ready (ready state 4 ) then read the city tag of xml and bind it to dropdown ( ddlcity )

Remove blog title from Google's Search Results

By default, the google and lots of  search engines displays search results of  blog's  (Blogger)  in the following format as: BlogTitle:PostTitle For that reason our post doesn't come at top at the search result when any one exactly search as post title so we have to remove blog title from the search result of search engines.