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Showing posts from December, 2011

javascript close current window without prompt

I searched a lots of solution for closing window without prompt and I got lots of script, but scripts was  not working for all the version of  internet explore some working in IE7 and some in IE8 so I wrote an unique solution which works in all version of internet explore.

Browser detection in javascript

Here is the article for accessing browser info like(Name, version, user agent, cookies enable or disable etc) through javascript it can be done through an object named navigator, navigator object have lots of properties e.g appName for Browser Name,appCodeName for getting Code Name, appVersion for getting browser version info, userAgent etc.

Customize comment box in blogger

Now it is possible to customize your blogger comment box in simple way there no need to edit HTML of your blogger just through the adding some simple css to the blogger.

jquery find text in table and highlight

The bellow article is for how to highlighting text into a webpage through java script you can try demo bellow just type words to the text box it will be highlighted in the table as yellow background color you can add you custom css for the highlighted text but the name of css class must be .highlighted .