Uploading large file in chunks in Asp.net Mvc c# from Javascript ajax

Often we have a requirement to upload files in Asp.net, Mvc c# application but when it comes to uploading larger file, we always think how to do it as uploading large file in one go have many challenges like UI responsiveness, If network fluctuate for a moment in between then uploading task get breaks and user have to upload it again etc.

Build and publish web application from command line using MSBuild.exe

In this article i will explain how to restore NuGet package, build and publish web application (asp.net c#, Mvc) from command line using "MsBuild.exe".

Run multiple batch (.bat) files from a single batch file and hold the screen when error occurs

I was searching for a while, how to call multiple batch file in a single batch file and hold the screen (command prompt window) and show error if any command of any batch file breaks.

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