Resize iframe inside itself to fit content, to given height from jquery and javascript

This article will show you how to resize iframe from itself to a given height or automatic fit to its content height.

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Concept is very simple find iframe (i.e current working window iframe) in its parent window, find the actual content height of current working window (i.e. iframe)  and set the height (i.e css style height) to the founded iframe.

below code have four function for fit to content through jquery, absolute given height through jquery , fit to content with animation through jquery and through simple javascript.

Through JQuery Code :-

function setIFrameFitToIt() {
          var $thisFrame = $(".pp_content iframe", window.parent.document)
         $thisFrame.css("height", $(document).outerHeight());

function setIFrameSize(frmHeight) {
        var $thisFrame = $(".pp_content iframe", window.parent.document)
        $thisFrame.css("height", frmHeight + "px");

function setIFrameSizeWithAnimation() {
       var $thisFrame = $(".pp_content iframe", window.parent.document)
      $thisFrame.animate({ height: $(document).outerHeight() });

Through JavaScript Code : -

function setIFrameSizeFitToIt() {
     window.parent.document.getElementById("frameID").style.height = document.height + "px";

Call these functions in windows load event or in some button click event where you need to change the height of this window.

window.onload = function () {

Resize iframe fit to its content height from jquery and javascript

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