Login with twitter using oauth authentication in asp.net and get access token, screen name and userid

Today i am going to explain how to make login with twitter functionally and get access token, access secret token key, screen name and user id of user that can be further use for post on behalf of user to twitter , getting the profile image of user, user information ,user status ,tweets and much more.

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Copy to clipboard in javascript with zeroclipboard flash for all browser.

This article describe you how to copy text from webpage in button click using javascript or using flash that works on all major browser.

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below is three code sample two of them works only on Internet Explorer (Prompt may be display as per your browser security policy i.e. allow website to access your clipboard.)  and another one works in all major browser that using flash for copy to clipboard functionality.

Resize iframe inside itself to fit content, to given height from jquery and javascript

This article will show you how to resize iframe from itself to a given height or automatic fit to its content height.

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Concept is very simple find iframe (i.e current working window iframe) in its parent window, find the actual content height of current working window (i.e. iframe)  and set the height (i.e css style height) to the founded iframe.

How to handle click event of linkbutton inside gridview

Recently I have posted how to sort only current page of gridview, Scrollble gridview with fixed header through javascript, File upload control inside gridview during postback and now i am going to explain how to handle click event of linkbutton or any button type control inside gridview.

We can handle click event of any button type control inside gridview by two way first is through event bubbling and second one is directly (in this type of event handling we need to access current girdviewrow container)

Custom paging in asp.net using stored procedure in gridview

When we need to display only some of the record in page and table in database contains lacks of rows then   we should have to use custom paging instead of default paging.

Why to avoid default paging and use custom paging reason -

  •  In default paging we are fetching all rows in database that takes more execution time (i.e query    execution time in SQL Server or any database management system).
  •   In default paging all rows (records of table) load in memory so memory consumption
  •   In default paging all rows fetch form back end to front end but we are displaying only some of the rows i.e page-size.

load more content when browser scroll to end of page in jquery

Recently I have posted how to make animated scrolling to top, scrolling to bottom or scrolling to a control functionality through jquery.

This article explains how to call a function on window scroll event when scroll bars reached to end of the page, suppose we want to call a javascript function or make a ajax request at the end of the scroll or near about.

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