Get youtube video thumbnail image in

Here is an example for how to obtain a url of thumbnail image of a youtube video programmatically in, get youtube video thumbnail in

Below is the code that returns image thumbnail url of given youtube video url by passing video url as a parameter in GetYouTubeImage method.

Url Must be same as below :

public string GetYouTubeImage(string videoUrl)
    int mInd = videoUrl.IndexOf("/v/");
    if (mInd != -1)
        string strVideoCode = videoUrl.Substring(videoUrl.IndexOf("/v/") + 3);
        int ind = strVideoCode.IndexOf("?");
        strVideoCode = strVideoCode.Substring(0, ind == -1 ? strVideoCode.Length : ind);
        return "" + strVideoCode + "/default.jpg";
        return "";

If your youtube url not as the same given then please modify code according to your video url 

Suppose your youtube video url is looking as below.

All you just need to extract youtube video code from youtube url and pass that video code in below url template to get youtube video thumbnail.

Video Default jpg :

Video Medium Quality jpg :

Video High Quality jpg :

Other Screen Thumbnail jpg :

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