Favicon-Adding a shortcut icon on address bar for blogspot or webpage

a)Display My Logo on Browser Address Bar or Favorites Menu.
b)How to add or Change Favicon in Blogger Blog?

Favicon is basically a tiny 16x16 .ico graphic file which is displayed in the browser address bar, links bar, desktop internet shortcuts, favorites menu, browser tabs and also next to your blog feed in RSS readers. While most favicons are static images, some new browsers now support animated GIFs or the transparent PNG formats.

1)Go to the Dashboard ->> Disign option of your blogger.

2) Click on Edit to Favicon

3) Browse your favicon shortcut icon (.ico or .jpg etc.).

4)Then click save then browse your blogspot you will see.....

Adding Favicon shortcut icon on a webpage of my website(Manual adding on my blog):-

1)Go to the Edit Html option.

2) Add this code inside the head tag.

a) For the Blogger Search for </head> add bellow code before </head> tag.

<link href='http://www.myfeviconurl.com/shortcuticon.ico'  rel='shortcut icon' sizes='16x16'  type='image/x-icon'/>


'shortcuticon.ico' is the name of your favicon file. You can use any name like myfavicon.ico and so on. After adding above code, update the http://www.myfeviconurl.com and shortcuticon.ico in the code. Then click on save template button. Open your blog and your new favicon should be visible in the address bar.

3) Click on Save Template button.

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