Sending email in with email body

This article is for sending email from with the use of gmail smtp server for that we have to required gmail credential, provide SmtpClient class for connecting to the smtp server and MailMessage for getting mail requirement.

Here is a method named SendEmail it takes 7 arguments e.g to email address, from email address, subject of email, body of email, sending like a HTML or plan text, carbon copy email address.
just copy and paste the aspx.cs code and pass these parameter to SendEmail method, if you would like to create a body the call the function CreateEmail and pass the parameters.

/// <summary>
/// For sending mail with Username and newly generated password.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="to">Email Id of the User</param>
/// <param name="from">Email Id of the Sender("")</param>
/// <param name="subject">Subject of the mail(Username and password info you requested)</param>
/// <param name="body">Body of the mail</param>
/// <param name="fHtml">Mail Type</param>
/// <param name="fCC">true or false</param>
/// <param name="cc">CCed Email Id</param>
public static void SendEmail(string to, string from, string subject, string body, bool fHtml, bool fCC, string cc)
        MailMessage msg = new MailMessage();
        msg.From = new MailAddress(from);
        msg.Subject = subject;
        msg.Body = body;
        msg.IsBodyHtml = fHtml;
        if (fCC) msg.CC.Add(cc);
        //************for using smtp server of gmail******************
        SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient("");
        smtp.Port = 587;
        //  Assign your username and password to connect to gmail
        smtp.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("GMailUsername", "GmailPassword");
        smtp.EnableSsl = true//  Enable SSL

    catch { }

public void CreateEmail(string emailTo, string mailFrom)
    string link = "http://" + Request.ServerVariables["server_name"].ToString();
    if (Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_PORT"].ToString() != null && Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_PORT"].ToString() != "")
        link += ":" + Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_PORT"].ToString().Trim() + "/buyerseller1";
    link += "/Varification.aspx";
    //?vc=" + UserInfo.Tables[0].Rows[0]["Aid"].ToString().Trim() + "&un=" + username.Text.Trim();

    StringBuilder body = new StringBuilder();
    //Creating Mail body.
    body.Append("<span style='font-family:Courier New;font-size:13px'> Dear ");
    body.Append(":<br /><br />");
    body.Append("Please Click on the following link To activate Your Account:<br />");
    body.Append("<a href='" + link + "'>Click Here</a>");
    body.Append("<br />");
    //body.Append("Password: ");
    //body.Append("<br /><br />");
    //body.Append("<hr/><br />");
    //body.Append("How to sign in and reset your password:<br />");
    //body.Append("1. Go to the Sign in page: http://");
    //body.Append("/expert/login.aspx<br />");
    //body.Append("2. Enter your username: ");
    //body.Append("<br />");
    //body.Append("3. Enter your password: ");
    //body.Append("<br />");
    //body.Append("4. Click the sign in button. <br />");
    //body.Append("<br />");
    //body.Append("<hr/><br />");
    //body.Append("Sincerely, <br />");
    //body.Append("Comparison Team</span>");
    SendEmail(emailTo, mailFrom, "Activation Profile", body.ToString(), true, false, "");

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