Geting controls inside a table in javascript

Often we need to navigate in html container controls like table, div, p etc through JavaScript for doing some type of validation or another task with child of that container control for that we need to
find the all controls (Textbox,Div,H1,Tr,Td etc.) in that container block.

JavaScript have a built-in function named getElementsByTagName by which we can find any type of control inside any container control like to find textbox (as it is a input control type text) we can use getElementsByTagName(input) and further match the type of control if type=text then textbox if type=select then dropdown if type=radio then radio button etc..


radio (Radiobutton)
checkbox (Checkbox)
text (Textbox)
select (Dropdown)

   var tblobj= document.getElementById('<%=tbl.ClientID%>');
   var inputCol = tblobj.getElementsByTagName('input');
   var DivCol = tblobj.getElementsByTagName('div');
   var TdCol = tblobj.getElementsByTagName('Td'); 

An Example:-

function GetAllChilds() {
   var tblobj= document.getElementById('<%=tbl.ClientID%>');
   var tblTxtCol = tblobj.getElementsByTagName('input');
   for (var i = 0; i < tblTxtCollection.length; i++) {
       if (tblTxtCollection[i].type == "text") {
            //Do something with textbox

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